Top 10 Work At Home Jobs That Pay Well

Work at home job 1- Online Surveys


What it is: Big companies spend millions of dollars every month to know the opinion of consumers worldwide about products and services. There are plenty of online market research companies that conduct online surveys through emails to their customers and survey takers get paid nicely for answering simple questions. These kind of online surveys help big companies improve their products or coming out with new products. This is a win-win situation for both companies and online survey takers. Online survey jobs are considered as the best work at home job as per

Who can do it: Anyone with a computer and internet connection at home.

How much income: $2 to $25 per survey

How to start: There are plenty of survey companies; Click here join the best survey company here.


Work at home job 2-Selling on EBay


What it is: EBay is one of the most trusted online shopping website and operated worldwide. EBay offers a chance to sell products online from home. There is huge opportunity to sell anything from your home and make extra cash and enjoy freedom at the same time. If you are looking for a work at home job you can sell cosmetics, home appliances, electronics, beauty products, health products, collectibles, gift items, baby products, furniture, eBooks, hand crafts, clothes, women and men’s fashion items and much more. You can sell anything that you are interested in. Since eBay has billions of trusted customers worldwide this makes your work easy to get sales every day. Selling on eBay is fun and considered as a good work at home job.

Who can do it: Anyone that needs extra money.

How much income: $100 to $10,000/month. It depends on your investment in products.

Here we explain few important steps in starting this work at home job.

Plan what to sell: Before you start this work at home job first you should decide what to sell on eBay. Choose a product that has good profit margin. For example: a product that you get for $10 that sells for $50 or more. A small calculation, 10+5+10+2=27. Dollar 50-27=23. $10 investment, $5 eBay and PayPal fees, $2 for packing charges and $10 for shipping and you profit $23 per sale.

Procure the product: Now you have planned what to sell, you can collect wholesale dealers and distributors of that product in your area and ask them for a lowest possible price and buy the products in large quantity. It depends on how much you want to invest. Do not invest more initially, you can buy little quantity and increase it when you get more sales.

Set up small office at home: In order to sell online on eBay and send products to your customers you need some papers, printers and packing materials. Set up a small office at home. Also contact local courier nearby you for a good deal. You can prefer good and reliable cargo companies like FedEx, bluedart, DHL.

Join PayPal: I think I do not need to tell much about PayPal as most of the people know about PayPal these days. PayPal is an online shopping payment gateway that bridges both buyers and sellers. It makes your online payment easier without disclosing sensitive financial information like your credit card or bank details.

Join EBay: You have prepared all the initial steps to work at home and sell online. Now, you can join eBay for free. EBay does not charge anything for joining. They take very little fee for your listing and on your sales. It makes it easier for you and it is a good work at home job.

Start Selling: After you have joined eBay you can click on sell link on eBay and list your products. Use keywords in your product listing title so that it is shown on top in search results, upload images, write a good description about the product very clearly, make your customer confident with shipping, quick delivery and even returns and refunds. Once you see money regularly, you will love to do this work at home job and earn nice money online.

How to start: Click here to join eBay and follow the above steps.


Work at home job 3-Online Data Entry Jobs


What it is: The title itself shows what it is. Many big companies have plenty of data to be fed on their online forms. Traditional way of hiring staff on monthly salary and setting an office is expensive as compared to hiring people online and let them do the data entry at home. There are plenty of big companies that offer such work at home job.  Legal transcription, medical transcription and home typing are few good and well known data entry home jobs.

Who can do it: Anyone one with basic internet knowledge and typing knowledge or transcription knowledge.

How much income: It depends on the company and the hourly payment. Normally $20 to $50 per hour is paid.

How to start: Go here to start data entry job


Work at home job 4-Affiliate Programs


What it is: Affiliate marketing is one of the good ways to earn good income working at home. Almost all big online companies offer affiliate programs. They pay a commission whenever a sale occurs through an affiliate link that is provided to affiliates. All you need is to send traffic to your affiliate links.

How affiliate marketing works: Your affiliate links are connected with cookies that last for 30 days to life long. All the traffic you send, visitor behaviour, sales and conversion and everything is tracked through the software. Your commission is credited to your account when your visitors buy the product or service. You will be get paid through various methods like PayPal, ACH, Payoneer cards, Squrill, wire transfer and check.

How much income: Affiliate commissions vary from product to product and companies. Normally $10 to $50 per sale can be expected. Many affiliate programs are available that pay commissions as high as dollar $1000/sale. This is really a good online job that can be done from home.

What are high paying affiliate programs

Hosting affiliate programs such as hosgator and bluehost

Click bank digital products and CJ affiliate programs

Online pharmacy and health affiliate programs

Shopping cart and ecommerce affiliate programs

Email Marketing affiliate programs and many more.

How to start:

Click below to join affiliate programs (digital products)

Hostgator (web hosting)

Aweber ( email marketing) (health care)

Work at home job 5 – Online Writer Jobs


What it is: With the development of internet and websites there is a huge opportunity for native English writers (even many other languages). There are millions of websites and blogs around the world and every website and blog needs fresh content for their audience. It opens up a new work at home job opportunity with decent pay. If you can pen down some articles on any topic, you will be paid nicely. No need to worry about the topics, because a good writer can write on anything with little research on internet. Travel writers, story writers, eBook writers, sale page or pitch page writers, health article writers, political writers, seo content writers are well paid.

How much Income: Article writers $10 to $50 for 500 words, travel writers $25 to $75. SEO content writers $25 to $50, Story writers and eBook writers $100 to $250, Sale page writers $500 to $5000.

How to start: You can start with,, and


Work at home job 6 – Online Tutor Jobs


What it is: Teaching is a good online job. Many students prefer to learn their subject sitting at home. There are many online websites that offer online tutor jobs. You can even do it on your own if you have a computer at home. Post ads on classified sites such as craigslist, backpage or usfreeads and you can find students that are interested in learning online.

How much income: $10 t0 $30/hour. It can be more in subjects like engineering and medical.

How to start: join and apply for an online tutor job.


Work at home job 7 – Selling EBooks


What it is: If you are a writer, you can write your own book and sell it on Amazon and kindle or eBay. If you are not good at writing, you can buy PLR and MRR eBooks and sell it for good profit.

What is PLR: PLR stands for private label rights. In this, you can buy other’s eBook and you can edit, change author name and put your own links and name and sell it for nice income. You can give resell right to other too.

What is MRR: MRR stands for master resell rights. You can sell it for profit or give others resell rights.

How much income: EBooks sells for $5 to $50 and even $100 if it is on great subject.

How to start: You can try IDPLR or search Google for good PLR, MRR eBook sellers.


Work at home job 8 – Sell Templates Online


What it is: Selling templates and themes are a good online job these days. Millions of websites are built every year and it is growing like mushrooms. You can buy Master resell rights templates and sell it on your website. Companies like “template monster” offer resell right programs and white label programs with lucrative commission.

How much income: Templates sell for $25 to $149

How to start: IDPLR or Template Monster


Work at home job 9 – Online Customer Care


What it is: Big companies hire people and give online training for them to attend their customer and answer calls, emails and chat. This kind of outsourcing job is good for Moms and students who have free time.

How much income: $10 to $30 per hour.

How to start: You can try on, or


Work at home job 10 – Video Maker


What it is: YouTube and vimeo are very popular and people love to watch videos. There are thousands of companies and individuals are looking for people to make videos for their business or personal interests. You can make videos using windows movie maker, simple and easy to use software. This is one of the good online jobs that pay well.

How much income: $50 to $250 per video.

How to start: Find jobs on fiver or elance or freelancer.

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